Dear Amberwood Gardens,
Thank you for all the love and care you are giving to my 98 ½ year old mother. Amberwood Gardens is a wonderful home you give to the people who need help!
I’m so happy my mother is getting the sweet love and care you give to her.
Thank You, KK

To the nursing supervisor Divina Juan,
Prior to June 20, 2014, my mother MPW had not been eating or drinking much for two weeks. On the night of Jun 20, 2014, my mother felt very uncomfortable and could not sleep. My Mother’s CNA, Mrs. Adam Admasu, patiently accompanied my mother that night and notice my mother’s right neck had a large swelling. She reported it to the charge nurse, Vilma, who called me at 11PM that night. The next day I was able to take my mother to the ER at O’Connor Hospital. She was diagnosed with a submandibular gland infection.
Without the attention of Ada Admasu, we never who have known about my mother’s swelling and infection. We are grateful to Ada, Vilma, Vanessa (charge nurse), you (Divina) and all of the staff at Station 3 in Amberwood Gardens for all of the attention and care they have given to my mother. Thank you very much.
Sincerely, JT

Dear Amberwood Gardens Staff,
Thank you so much. May the world always be as wonderful for you as you made it for others! I’m writing behalf of my family to thank you for you’re above and beyond care of our mother, HMN, especially for all Station 2 staff members, where she was resident of Amberwood Gardens.
Sincerely, N Family

Amberwood Gardens Station 4,
Thank you for all you do for the residents. You’re doing a wonderful job caring for them. We are so thankful to the staff at Amberwood for caring for RO as he gets read to transition to the next level of care. You all the best!
– R&CO

Our Many Success Stories,
Thank you so much for taking such good care of J! We will miss you but happy that J is getting better. Everyone treated us like family and we’re very thankful for that. You will always have a special place in our hearts! We will be by to show you J’s improvement

Dear Vicky and staff at Amberwood Gardens,

Thank you for all the love and care given to Mama during her stay. We appreciate your coming and sharing of our grief.
Love always, E and Siblings

Dear Roomina,

First of all, thank you so very much for all your help.
You went way beyond the call of duty to help J get to his new placement…besides being a lovely and kind human being.
Please tell the entire staff at Station 4 and Dr. Vetsa how much we appreciate the wonderful care they gave to our brother.
As you know, I spent many hours there and saw firsthand all the different shifts of your dedicated staff. I don’t want to name specific names for fear of forgetting to praise one of you..
For the short amount of time Jeremy was there, everyone tried to make him feel at home.
All the best for the rest of the year and keep up the good work!
The Z Family

Dear Mr Hooker,

My husband was a patient at Amberwood last month. Not only was the care excellent and the surroundings lovely, but the extra plus was the food. I have never seen such delicious cooking in a facility of any kind. When I was there at a mealtime, my husband insisted I taste some of the dishes. We both agreed they were wonderful and well above anything expected. In fact, the turkey enchiladas are the best I have ever tasted. I requested the recipe, and will enjoy making them. Mmmmm!!! And who ever heard of freshly baked bread and warm rolls served routinely?! Wow!

Your nutritionist, Cydney, was very responsive and helpful. My husband was not eating much, which was a concern, so she made sure that he was served a few things he especially requested. Her care, education of nutrition to him, and her guidance of meal planning was most appreciated.

The experience of all the care and skill of the rest of your staff was also excellent. I would certainly recommend Amberwood to anyone looking for a skilled nursing facility.

Thank you for being a shining star!


Hi All,

My dad, J and our family would like to thank all of you, especially Station 4 (because THEY ROCK!!) Dickie’s BBQ will be delivering lunch today to serve 50 of the most awesome caregivers at 2:30PM. Hopefully the time will catch the changing of guards (AM and PM shift)
Can you please have tables in the activity room set up for them? They will bring plates, cutlery, and napkins.
Thanks again!, A

Thank you for all you do! We appreciate the care provided to all your patients and RO!

Dear Sir/Madam,
My name is JC, United States Army Retired; I am a veteran of the Korean war and the Vietnam War, I assist veterans and widow/widowers with claims for disability and compensation. I have been assisting Mr. EPE, a US Army veteran retired who was a patient in your facility for the past year.
I have had the occasion to communicate with your facility over the past year and my main point of contact was Ms Roomina Khan, my experience with her has been nothing short of “Outstanding”. I found her to be very knowledgeable about her job and would go above and beyond what is normally expected to satisfy.
My main concern is our veterans who have sacrificed so much for liberties and values of this Country. I am proud of the care and attention that Mr. E received at your facility. Additionally, I made a visit to your facility during Mr. E’s stay an my observation left me with a feeling that you have a great group of excellent personnel working there.
In conclusion, Ms. Roomina Khan is a positive asset to your organization, congratulation on an efficient operation. Sincerely, JC

Dear Bridget & Activity Staff,
Thank you for all the help you gave H during her long stay at Amberwood. Without your encouragement she would have not left her room. You kept her going and added some joy to her life. She would tell me about the activities she went to. Thanks.
– DB

Dear Mr. Hooker:
Where to begin- my husband FF was a resident at all 3 TriSynergy properties and at each one he received the best level of care. He loved the people, the food, the special activities at Westgate. They had medical resources I could never have obtained.
The Staff at Memory care were attentive when F’s arms/hands became swollen from Cellulitis And the skilled nursing at Amberwood was extraordinary. One day Frank remarked, “Oh L, they are so wonderful to me…”
In sum, I will be forever grateful to all those to whom I entrusted F’s care.
On behalf of F’s family and me, thank you. -LF

Dear Amberwood Staff,
My family and I would like to thank everyone for taking such good care of my farther for the past 2 ½ months. You guy have been a great support to us!
Special kudos to Elaine, Arlyn, Calvin, Danilo, Mavilyn, and Rosemarie for always giving such great care.
-LL & Family

Dear Amberwood,
Thank you for all your care with C. E. O. She passed in your loving arms to her next life back with her beloved husband, brother, Dad and Mother. I’m sure she is now very happy and in total peace.
Sincerely Yours, EBN

Station 1- Dearest Staff,
“Excellent team work,” is the best accolade, anyone can receive. Please pat each other blessings. Thank you for your kindness. -EMG

Dear Trisynergy Community,
On behalf of our family, I wish to thank you for you kind words, prayers, flowers and generosity at this difficult time.
Although it is difficult to lose a loved one, we find strength in things that remind us of his spirit and passion. I thought of all of you and the mission of TriSynergy many times as we went through this journey. The kindness and compassion provided by the caregivers and community that supports them touches a family in ways that words cannot describe.
Thank you for thinking of us at this time, but more importantly, for being part of a mission so beloved by him. Caring for the health of others was my father’s passion, just like all of you!
– With Kindest Regards,
The G Family

To All Amberwood Staff,
Your kindness really make a difference. Your thoughtfulness really touched my heart. The gratitude I feel really can’t be put into words. Thank you very much for taking care of my father, YKWW. LW

Dear Amberwood Gardens Staff,
Thank you for your comforting empathy now my mother rests in peace. It’s God’s blessing to have a nice home for her late years. Amberwood Gardens she received loving care, even had a personal driver. God bless you all. Family of CNL

Dear Amberwood Gardens Staff,
Words cannot describe how grateful I was for the care and love you provided for my mother AD. She always called her room, “home”, and that is enough for all you to know how well you took care of her. I wish you all the best. May the Lord fill your lives with joy, happiness and abundance. With Love, FD

To Wonderful Amberwood Staff,
My husband and I wish to thank each one of you for the love care you have given to my mother, EC, for the past five years.
She felt so loved and was treated with great kindess and respect.
You all have made a difficult situation a kind and loving end-of-life experience for my mother. Thank you!

“Dear Mr. Hooker,
I want to extend my appreciation and thanks to your staff for their excellent care of my mother AL. Thanks to Rosemarie and Maria for their concern and special care and kind words. Please extend my thanks to all. BL. ”

“Dear Mr Hooker,
Where to begin – my husband FF Sr. was a resident of all 3 TriSynergy properties, and at each one he received the highest level of care. He loved the people, the food, the social activities at Westgate. They had medical resources I could never have obtained. The staff at Memory Care were attentive wherein his arms / hands became swollen from cellulitis, and the skilled nursing at Amberwood was extraordinary. One day he remarked, “Oh, they are so wonderful to me.” I will be forever grateful to all those to whom I entrusted F’s care. On behalf of F’s family and me, thank you. LF”

Dear Joy and Management,
Thank you seems so inadequate for the marvelous care shown to our dad, JX. Even though our father stayed at Amberwood Gardens a short time, everyone was so king, caring , compassionate and professional. God bless you and the work of your hands and your heart. Please pass on our appreciation to those who contributed to his care. Sincerely, X. Family”

“Dear Station 5 Staff,
Thank you for taking care of all the patients. We especially thank you for the care you give to our I.S. .. The J. Family”

“Dear Bridget
Thank you for all the effort you and that lovely staff go to make Amberwood so special. The Candle Light Dinners, and all the other events such as Luau, BBQs, St. Patrick’s etc you all are an awesome team! Joys! Thanks! B&M D.”

“Dear Amberwood
Thank you very much for the exceptional care and assistance you provided us. I know my husband was in excellent hands whenever I had to leave. From the doctors, nurses, chiropractic and aides — all of you who are doing an excellent care of my husband. I wish I could find the words to express our appreciation to all the staff. Thank you . P&H Jaya”

“To Nurse Station 1,
Just a note to say thank you for all the good work in caring for our “G”. E&B M.”

“ Dear Amberwood Garden Staffs,
Words cannot describe how grateful I was for the care and love you provided for my mother “AD”. She always called her room, “home,” and that is enough for all you to know how well you took care of her. I wish you all the best. May the Lord fill your lives with joy, happiness, and abundance. With Love, F.D


“Dear Staff and Memory Care Residents,
Thank you for the lovely plant you sent us. It has been such a comfort to know that you were thinking [of] us during this difficult time. We will always appreciate the love and care that B received at Villa Fontana. Best Wishes,DG and Family

Ms. Marife and staff,
Thank you so much for the beautiful anthurium that was delivered to us. Our family appreciates your good thoughts. The family of JF”

Dear Jeralyn, Lisa and Memory Care Staff,
Thank you! You all are amazing with the compassion, kindness, patience and respect with which you care for each and everyone of your patients. May God bless you really for all the you do for our loved ones! We value and appreciate you! Sincerely, CH

Staff of Villa Fontana,
The family of NF would like to express our most sincere thanks to everyone for the wonderful caring home you made for our mother. She made many friends among the residents and the staff and was so happy to have her own apartment with the security that help was immediately available. Mom’s family appreciated knowing that she was well cared for and that you always called when there was any question on issue. As a family, we could relax and enjoy time with Mom at the Villa and in our homes. The medication management was wonderful and we never and to worry no matter how complicated it got. Everyone at Villa Fontana greeted

Villa Fontana Staff,
We just wanted to thank you for your service and compassion to our mother, IS, over the years she lived at VF. She never knew your names due to dementia, but she often told us how nice everyone was and how much she enjoyed the food! We know that your jobs can be quite challenging, so we want you to know how much impact you are having on the lived of your residents and the peace of mind of their families. Our sincere appreciation, SVS

Staff and Caregivers at Villa Fontana:
Thank you all so much for the loving and skillful care each of you provided for my uncle GC. He lived a good, fruitful and long life to the very end. Your care made his last few years a whole lot richer and fuller by your good attention and fellowship. I am proud to hear that he was a good resident and patient. (Evidently I did not receive that gene I am not particularly a happy camper when ill!) But it helps to comfort me when I hear of your care through my sister, MG.
I have many wonderful memories of my Uncle. He moved from Michigan where he was born and raised before I was ever born. But I remember his visits. He, of course, had a dry sense of humor and was very deliberate in his speech and could be rather quiet although very interesting when speaking. His wife, B, who died many years ago, was quite the opposite. She was very boisterous, outgoing, jolly, and fun-loving. That combination made a great couple, very balanced.
My very best memory is that when my cousin and I graduated from high school in 1964, he and B gave us a trip to California. We toured the whole state, from Shasta and Lessen through Yosemite to LA and up the coast, Big Sur, Carmel, and of course, the San Francisco area. I still have very, very vivid memories of every detail of that trip. Please share this with everyone who knew Uncle G, and may it serve to encourage you as you give your skills and heart to others. Indebted, VB