Contact the Tri Synergy Community

For inquiries or to schedule a tour, please contact us at:

Amberwood Gardens Rehabilitation Center

1601 Petersen Avenue
San Jose, CA 95129
Tel: 408.253.7502
Fax: 408.252.6034

Or email

Gennisa Colar, Director of Marketing :

Villa Fontana Retirement Community

5555 Prospect Road, San Jose, CA 95129
Tel: 408.255.5555
Fax: 408.252.2576

Or email Precy P. Lopez, Director of Marketing at:

Westgate Villa Assisted Living Community

5425 Mayme Avenue
San Jose, CA 95129
Phone: 408.366.6510
Fax: 408.366.7475

Or email Marife Duewel, Administrator at: