Our Mission

Trisynergy Community
Amberwood Gardens, Westgate Villa, Villa Fontana

Recognize the HUMAN FACTOR

Our community prioritizes
the HUMAN FACTOR in the events, services and care
that we provide. Our goal is to develop a warm and
personal understanding of each resident.

Create a Joyful Environment like HOME

As we care for your loved one with professionalism
and compassion, we aim to create a warm
and joyful setting. Our activities create a sense
of family between fellow residents and staff.

Provide a QUALITY environment

We aim to foster an environment with quality clinical
care and enhanced quality of life.
The staff and residents journey together to meet the
challenges of the road ahead.

Ensure Customer SATISFACTION

We understand that a satisfied resident will have the
confidence to fully enjoy the quality care and
services rendered in our joyful and family
home environment.


When you visit TriSynergy Community, you will feel the diverse cultures of compassion that sets us apart. It is indeed the Human
Factor that drives our community. We are an extended family of dedicated professionals offering a wide range of personalized and
quality services;

  1. Skilled Nursing Care
  2. Private Residential Apartment Units
  3. Extensive Rehabilitation Gym
  4. Sub-Acute, including Ventilator Care
  5. Residential Secured Memory Units
  6. Residential Units
  7. Outpatient Therapy (Physical, Occupational and Speech)
  8. Skilled Nursing Dementia Facility

It all works together to allow the individual to obtain a full spectrum of service so as to meet their personal choices.